Hoodies Have Arrived!

10 JUN 2014 | BY KEW FC

Everyone who ordered their official Kew FC bear fur hoody, get ready to be toasty warm and at the height of fashion because they are here!

If your name is on the order list below bring your $60 payment to training or to the Harp on Thursday night and the best hoody you’ve ever owned will be yours to take home.

Jayden Barker
Anthony Mosse
Alistair Cross
Jett Guerin x2
Michael Matheson
Julian Belfrange
Richman Tine
Joe Chessari
Thomas Leeds
Johnny O’Keefe
Ryan Wyley
Tim Allman
Lewis Allman
Sam Bishop
Billy Shute
David Nicholls
Tom Crompton
Kevin Monaghan
Zac Brabin
Lachlan Rough
Paul Brough
Jesse Simonds
Muhammad Khan x 2